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Atelier for historical keyboard instruments

Spinett, harpsichord maker Joe Rácz

Welcome on my page.

I am building historical keyboard instruments in my atelier.

Each instrument is an individual item, handcrafted by myself. For many years I concentrated on the historical craftsmanship of the 16th - 18th century in order to craft my instruments the same way the old masters did.

I am using old grave wood, historical and natrual materials only.

The soundboard of my instruments can be up to 200 years old (see also work techniques ).

Due to my apprenticeship as a musician I am capable of harmonising playstyle and sound very sensitive.
(for full particulars see curiculum vitae )
I favour the "classical" sound and the historical playstyle of my cembali and clavichords which is close to the
original instrumentsin the museums.

You are cordially invited to visit me in my atelier(pls with date arrangement) and to have a look at my way of working, my tools and my wood. You can sample the available instruments as well. If you have any questions i can provide you with professional advice about harpsichord/clavichord making and historical Instruments.


Company information
Atelier Joe Rácz

Hatzfelder Str. 6
35116 Hatzfeld
Telefon: 0049 64 67 / 91 59 930
Website: www.cembalo-clavichord.de
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