Curiculum Vitae (cv)


I was born into a family of musician in Stuttgart in 1963. My mother and my father were violinists, my grandmother was piano- and violin teacher. As a child I learned to play violin, cello and piano.

Places of studying:

Esslingen, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Köln, Amsterdam und Paris.

courses of studies:

Church music A

Artistic matureness organ

Instrumental education


concerto for organ (scholarship amsterdam)

clavichord (scholarship amsterdam)

Teacher and master courses:

In associat appreciation to those of whom I was allowed to study from!


Marie-Claire Alain, Jaques van Oortmerssen, Ewald Kooiman, Harald Vogel,

Jon Laukvik, Helga Schauerte, Kurt Lueders, Christoph Schoener, Andreas Rothaupt,

Martin Strohäcker, Gustav-Adolf Krieg, Wolfgang Stockmeier, Konrad Voppel,

Ulrich Böhm, Jürgen Schwab, Martin Tiemann, Ulrich Stierle.


Hugo Ruf, Gustav Leonhardt.


Menno van Delft, Harald Vogel, Christopher Hogwood.


Pi-hsien Chen, Friedemann Rieger, Frau Keck-Spahn, Meta Fluhrer- Rácz,

Marianne Fluhrer.

Orchestra management/ ensemble:

Volker Hempfling, Leonard Bernstein, Konrad Junghänel, Jürgen Schmeer,

Meta Fluhrer- Rácz, Marianne Fluhrer.

Harpsichord crafting

It was a long way of learning to change to harpsicord crafting.

carpenter apprenticeship

art carpenter apprenticeship

furniture restoration

years of apprenticeship in harpsichord crafting

years of travel harpsichord crafting, restoration of original instruments

years of travel museums, examining of historical keyboard instruments


Further education with certificate:

gilding, chip carving, shape in lathe, corner joint, construction of moulding plane, archbuilding.

since 2005 I am working in my own atelier as a harpsichord maker

since 2012 I am additionally active in disabled care

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CV in pictures

We played chamber music in my family. On this picture I play violin.

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College days: Here I play an italian spinet from Merzdorf. Later my teacher Hugo Ruf got this spinet.

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This is me, practicing on my clavichord from Jean Tournay.

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Gustav Leonhardt gives a concert on my clavichord

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I had a beautiful house organ from Reil during my church music studies. The same house organ stands in the academy of musik in Bremen. Later I sold it to prof. Radulescu in Vienna.

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During my organ-scholarship I got lessons in St.Bavo Kerk, NL.

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The keyboards of the wonderful instrument

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For traingin the romantic style of playing I travelled to Paris, to study the organ of Cavaillé-Coll

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I almost played every significant historical organ. Here the Trostorgel in Altenburg

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The Trostorgel von Altenburg

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The G. Silbermannorgel in Ponitz

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The G. Silbermannorgel in Fraureuth

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I decided to become a harpsichord crafter. A beginning of a long journey.

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Here I am in the Grassimuseum, playing the Pedalclavichord from Gerstenberg. The baby is my daughter.

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I played pedal clavichord often. On this picture I play a copy of Gerstenberg's pedal clavichord from Joel Speerstra.

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My instructor always said: Do not scrape with the spindle, cut. "Be a tailor". Today I am "one".

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The renovation of historical keyboard instruments requires much skill and sensitivity. Here is grand piano from Streicher.

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This is me planing a italien harpsichord. I use a historical plane.

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Me tuning and adjusting a clavichord from Keith Hill.

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My clavichord with anonymus model stood a couple of time in the academy of music in Bremen. The students of Harald Vogel liked to play it.


Company information  
Atelier Joe Rácz

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35116 Hatzfeld
Telefon: 0049 64 67 / 91 59 930
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