Delivery time


When you order an instrument and you signed the purchase agreement and paid the deposit, the waiting period begins.
Before you do this you should have read the general business conditions Terms & conditions and you should have had a talk with me about the design and the features of your instrument.

From time to time I have instruments that are available right now. You will find those instruments on the for sale page Instruments for sale .

Usually I craft in succession of the orders. Therfore your waiting time depends on how many orders are currently in front of yours.

Due to the fact that I work alone, it takes me about 6 months to craft an instrument.

Since I am working with historical working techniques exclusively and I exercise with care on every detail, it depends much on the time of the year, the temperature
and the weather. Not every working step is possible at any time. More information about that is given on the site work techniques.
For this reasons I cannot determine on an exact date to finish the instrument. It is my task to sense the right moment for every working step. I need need a high sensitivity for this,
but your instrument will benefit from it.

Empirical it is possible to realise orders within on year. Under certain circumstances the time i need to finish it could increase to up to two years.

If you are interested in buying an instrument please contact me about the current waiting time. But please understand that i can just make an assumption.
To garantee the best qualitiy I can afford, I need your aggrement for a variable period of time to finish my work.

Of course I am anxious to finish my work as fast as possible and I finish it as planned often.


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