General Terms and Conditions ( GTC )

Terms of payment

All orders and agreements have to be confirmed in writing by the instrument maker to be valid/lawful. The General Terms and Conditions mentioned below apply even if the customer relates to his own General Terms and Conditions and was not contradicted.

All prices are net ex Atelier plus valid VAT [ price list ].

Payment terms are valid as far as nothing else is arranged:

  • New Instruments:
    • 1/3 of the gross purchase price with order (deposit)
    • 1/3 of the gross purchase price upon completion the body
    • 1/3 of the gross purchase price upon completion
  • Finished instruments:
    • If the customer purchased a fully develloped instrument it has to be payed fully before the instrument leaves the atelier.
    • Every instrument (built or from stock) passes into the buyers possession when it is payed fully.

Right of withdrawel 

The customer may rescind from the purchase order within 14 days. If the customer does not rescind within this period, the deposit will be taken to cover the costs. If the customer has any change requests after the purchase order, the instrument maker is eligible to recalculate the price. This does not releas the customer from the contract.

Warranty/ Customer‘s Duties

The customer gets a warrenty for the high quality of the lumbers, the complete amount of materials used and a proper construction. In addition the instrument maker guarantees that every instrument leaves the atelier in an impeccable condition. The customer should check the instrument by playing it and if needed discuss some minor changes with the instrument maker. If the customer waives to test the instrument he cannot insist on any changes after delivery.

If not discussed different in the contract the harpsichord maker determines the single parameters of the instrument according to his knowledge such as the key dip or keywork’s ease of movement. To play the instrument conduces the acceptance of the instrument because every hand plays a instrument different. It is not possible to change for example the key top, the veneer or painting during the audition.

When the customer insists to pick up the instruments earlier as contracted the harpsichord maker is not responsible for a missing  vernier adjustment or if the mechanic parts are not in an impeccable condition. The customer is responsible for the transportation outside of the atelier.

The instrument maker cannot be responsible for any damage dealt because of improper handling of the instrument. The humidity shall not be below 45% and not above 70% because this can lead to flaws or deformation. There may not be any temperature fluctuations at sudden, no excessive cold or heat, no direct sunlight or storage of the instrument outside, in a warehouse or damp cellars.

The complet range of instruments has to be played smoothly and without great power. When the instrument is played with to much power keys can be bent or in worst case they can brake as well as jacks or parts of the mechanic can be out of adjustment. The disassembling of parts by the customer hast o be done with expert knowledge to avoid damage.

I have to make you aware to the fact that due to historical instrument building with historical devices, all instruments are liable to the laws of natural products. This applys for wood, paint, strings, felts, and so on.

The historic paint of the instrument for example can have different nuances in comparison to a factory made varnish. It can lokk consistent from the distance but in an particular angle it may look dapple or shady. According to the varnish it can be slightly rough.

It should be pointed out that a historical built instrument keeps moving especially in the time shortly after its completion. As a result of this minor changes might be necessary like an adjustment of jacks and dampers, trimming of the quills, a substitute of single strings or a readjustment of single keys.

Due to this the harpsichord maker offers to give an introduction in how to fix minor changes by the customer himself. Since these changes are normal the harpsichord maker cannot be made responsible for this because no lack exists. The harpsichord maker counsells the customer if such a case occurs.


The harpsichord maker also cannot be made responsible for customer‘s wishes, a different intonation, a different key dip or the like after completion of the instrument. For this reasons the acceptance of the instruments by the customer is important. The instrument counts as is after the acceptance.


Due to the handicraft each instrument is a unicum and the delivery of spare parts is restricted because the spare parts have to be crafted. Spare parts like strings and tuning pins are excepted. It is advisable not to just buy a new claviature, lid or a jack guide. Instead you should bring the instrument to my atelier for an accurate adjustment. This rule also counts for if you wish to have a new music stand.

Every transport of the instrument should be done cautious and appropriate. The instrument maker is not responsible for any damage dealt by transportation or climate changes.

The surfaces of the instruments will be crafted with traditional crafting techniques and due to this they are not waterproff, not impact-proof and not fireproof. Iron strings can rust if the humidity is to high or because of finger sweat. Hot glue will lose its power through humidity and heat.


The customer arranges the transport and assumes liability. The instrument maker can label delivery firms on customer request. If the instrument maker should take care of the shipping, the instrument maker requires a written order from the customer. The instrument maker will assign a company with the delivery of the instrument. The instrument as well as the delivery-invoice will be delivered to the customer. The customer remains responsible for the transport.

Delivery deadline:

The instrument maker attempts to observe the delivery deadline.  Due to the historical working techniques and the natural materials it is not predictable when the respective working steps need to be done. Season, wether and humidity are playing a central rolle in this process. The customer will be informed when the instrument is completed. Resignation from the purchase because of delayed delivery time is impossible. In case of immediate or mediate damage caused by delayed delivery the customer has no claims for compensation. [ Delivery time ].


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